All About Flood Insurance – What you need to know

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Floods occur in every state in the United States. Recent flooding in Colorado resulted in multiple fatalities and property damage estimated at more than two billion dollars. Amidst the tragedy there are reports that 10 to 25 percent of Colorado homes have separate flood insurance policies. Six percent of the 77,000 detached homes in oulder County had flood insurance, only 2.3 percent of El Paso County single-family homes (170,000) had insurance for floods, and only 1.5 percent of Larimer County’s 90,000 homes were covered against floods. Flood insurance is an…

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Flood insurance is an uncommon solution to a common problem in the United States

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This Week’s Trending Topic: Flood insurance in the US is often misunderstood In the U.S., flood insurance is often a misunderstood issue. Many homeowners throughout the country live in regions that can be considered to be at high risk of flooding, either due to heavy rainfall or because of the region’s exposure to hurricanes. While homeowners in these regions of the country are exposed to flooding disasters, very few people actually have flood insurance protection. This could be due to a simple misunderstanding that most people have regarding their homeowners…

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Workshops help New Jersey residents cut through red tape of flood insurance

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Flood insurance bureaucracy delays recovery for many New Jersey residents that fell victim to last year’s Hurricane Sandy have been struggling to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges that continue to delay their recovery process. In the wake of the powerful storm, which hit New Jersey in late October, 2012, many homeowners found that their properties had been destroyed. In some cases, consumers were able to rely on their homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies in order to cover the costs of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy. Many others, however,…

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Insurance News Broadcast

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  Welcome to our Live Insurance News Broadcast! Join us every week as we annouce news Fresh Of The Press! Catch this week in the industry…   Check out a summary of today’s headline articles as well as a link directly to the source! Health insurance exchange approved in Minnesota Early this week, Minnesota lawmakers passed a legislation that calls for the creation of a health insurance exchange that is managed by the state. Opponents of the state-run health insurance exchange argue that it will simply be too expensive for…

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Flood insurance leaves many in Staten Island unimpressed

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Floodwaters are leaving homeowners battling with insurers to try to receive damage payments. Many people in Staten Island said that they knew that their homeowners policies weren’t enough to cover them against the damage that could come from floodwaters, but those who went ahead and purchased flood insurance are finding themselves frustrated as they must still battle to recover their losses. Many homeowners in the region are finding that the payments they are receiving are falling far short of the expense. In one instance of an Adams Avenue homeowner –…

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