Insurance companies urge policyholders to use these holiday disaster prevention tips

Holiday disaster prevention - gas stove

This year may be different than others for many families, but the same care needs to be taken. Many gatherings this year will be much smaller than usual, but insurance companies want policyholders to remember that holiday disaster prevention is as important as ever. 2020 has been tough enough, this makes it all the more important to take action to keep everyone safe. Among the most important holiday disaster prevention strategies you can take are those that focus on keeping your home and family safe from fire. A Christmas tree…

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State Farm releases list of states most likely to experience cooking fires on Thanksgiving

State Farm Insurance has released its data regarding grease and cooking fires and has determined that they occur more frequently on Thanksgiving day than on any other single day of the year. In fact, according to their information, the insurance claims related to grease and cooking fires on Thanksgiving are double any other day’s average for the month. As the popularity of turkey frying continues to grow, so does the risk of injuries and fires relating to fryers. Every year, the U.S. fire departments must respond to over one thousand…

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