Private crop insurance companies see shrinking returns

private Crop Insurance

These insurers have experienced a notable drop in their returns since the SRA was renegotiated in 2010. Private crop insurance companies are experiencing a notable downward trend in their return figures. This has been a consistent situation since the Standard Reinsurance Agreement (SRA) was renegotiated in 2010. The SRA renegotiation between insurers and the federal government marked a significant change in the direction of that business. The change in returns have also aligned smoothly with the Risk Management Agency’s benchmarks. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency laid out…

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Crop insurance coverage spared 21,000 jobs in drought-plagued 2012

drought crop insurance coverage

A new Farm Credit Services of America reported the employment savings across four U.S. states. Farm Credit Services of America recently published a report about the difference crop insurance coverage made in the United States during 2012. That year, despite the worst droughts experienced in 2 decades, the insurance policies saved almost 21,000 jobs across four states. The 20-page report provides a breakdown offering insight regarding the crop insurance program history. The crop insurance coverage analysis dates back to the program’s beginning in the 1930s. It started with the Great…

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Crop insurance payouts break records and spark debates

Crop insurance

Widespread drought across Iowa and other Midwest states lead to massive payments from the program. The droughts throughout the 2012 growing season will have generated an estimated record level of payments, reaching $16 billion, which has led critics to call for changes to the government subsidy system. They feel that the taxpayers are paying for an inefficient subsidy and the government can’t afford it. Farmers and growers purchase their crop insurance from private insurers. That said, those policy premiums are subsidized by the federal government, and losses over certain levels…

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Crop insurance fraud ring bust made, worth $100 million

Crop Insurance Fraud

A North Carolina scam involved 41 people who have either pleaded guilty or reached plea agreements. Federal investigators have now discovered the truth behind a massive crop insurance bust that involved dozens of farmers, brokers, claims adjusters, and agents in eastern North Carolina, which had intended to defraud their policies for at least $100 million. Authorities have said that the investigation is ongoing, but it has already proved to be the largest scam ring in the U.S. So far, there have been 41 defendants that have either pleaded guilty to…

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Crop insurance claims reach record highs in US

Crop insurance program 2014

Crop insurance payouts reach $11 billion In 2012, a severe drought struck the U.S. that quickly became the worst the country had ever seen. The drought brought intense focus to the country’s crop insurance program, which had been established to protect U.S. farmers from natural disasters. The drought caused widespread crop failures, which produced insurance claims from farmers. According to government data, the total cost of the drought, in terms of crop insurance payouts, has been tallied to be $11.581 billion. Risk Management Agency offers new look at crop insurance…

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