Cost of workers’ compensation in US falling, but coverage is on its way up

Cost of workers’ compensation - construction workers on the job

A new report compared data over the years following 2014 and showed the coverage is improving. The cost of workers’ compensation in the United States is steadily dropping, even as the coverage it provides appears to be rising. The Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Costs, and Coverage report examined data from 2018, comparing it with updated data for 2014 through 2017. This was conducted by the National Academy of Social insurance and the data is publicly available. This is the 23rd consecutive year for the report on the cost of workers’ compensation.…

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Catalog highlights efforts to limit health insurance rate increases

Health Insurance rate increases

New catalog tracks state endeavors to mitigate the rate at which insurance coverage is becoming more expensive The National Academy of Social Insurance and Catalyst for Payment Reform have joined together to compile a new catalog that outlines the efforts that states are making to address the issue of health insurance costs. In the wake of health care reform, insurance companies have had to offer coverage to a wider range of consumers and provide these consumers with better benefits. In order to offset the financial losses associated with health care…

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