Insurance nightmare faced by One Direction

One Direction Insurance

The “Mission: Impossible” inspired set for a promo shoot has produced complex issues. The popular English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction, was on the set of a promo shoot for their most recent fragrance brand, but it turns out that the set, which was themed in the style of “Mission: Impossible” presented a number of different problems and issues, that caused it to become an insurance disaster. The five entertainers faced death defying segments that finally required stuntmen to perform. The members of One Direction, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn…

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Insurance news for Morrissey is that he will not finish his American tour

insurance news microphone Morrissey

A series of health problems has meant that he cannot find the coverage he needs. Morrissey, the former front man for The Smiths, has announced his new insurance news, which is that he will not be able to complete his American tour due to the enormous medical costs that have been accumulating as a result of a number of health issues he has faced, including a stomach ulcer and a case of double pneumonia. Beyond the singer’s health, it was the bills that were building up that stood in his…

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