Free insurance offered by U.K. theatre for scary movie protection

free insurance scare care movie

The tongue in cheek coverage is provided at no cost to moviegoers who are afraid of being scared to death. A movie theater in the United Kingdom has taken a unique perspective on the release of a horror movie remake, and is providing viewers with a free insurance policy to pay for their funeral costs in the case that they are literally scared to death during the film. The coverage is being provided as a part of a unique marketing campaign by the cinema. The free insurance coverage will be…

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Film insurance in India is on the rise

film insurance india

That sector of the industry is growing in the South Asian country. Recent reports are showing that the movie industry in India is purchasing film insurance coverage for its movies on an increasing basis, which is proving to be very promising for the sector. At the moment, the sector has reached only 2 percent of its estimated total volume. Though only 2 percent of movie makers are purchasing film insurance now, the trend is growing at such a rate that it is believed that it will increase to 10 percent…

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Film insurance denied to Coppola after Charlie Sheen’s hiring

film insurance

Coverage was withdrawn from the director’s latest movie project when the actor was brought in as the lead. When Roman Coppola sought to take out film insurance for his next directorial project, which is a movie called “A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III”, he found himself denied the coverage he required when he revealed that Charlie Sheen had been cast as the lead. Sheen’s history of drama, destruction, and firings caused the insurer to balk at providing coverage. Sheen has been a part of certain highly publicized…

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