Does Life Insurance Cover Motorbike Riding

Are you a keen motorcyclist and want to get life insurance? Are you wondering whether your family will receive a payout if you have an accident and the worst happens?  According to the Insurance Information Institute, in the event of a traffic accident, fatality in motorbike riders is 29 times higher than for passenger car occupants. It is both a worrying statistic and a solid reason to doubt that insurance companies might turn down your application for life coverage.  So, do insurance companies offer life coverage to motorbike riders? The…

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New motorcycle insurance options launched by SGI

motorcycle insurance

The changes to the available coverage have been sparking controversy among riders since they were first proposed in 2013. The Government of Saskatchewan, a province of Canada, has now announced that it will be adding more motorcycle insurance options for riders throughout the region, in a move that had first been proposed two years ago. Back when the idea was first suggested, in 2013, many riders expressed anger about the changes. The Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) made this announcement, saying that a new third option will be opening up for…

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Adequately insured motorcycle riders don’t require helmets

Motorcycle riders who carry enough motorcycle insurance – and who carry proof of that coverage – are now allowed to drive in Michigan without helmets following a preliminary vote in the state’s House that lifted that requirement. The legislation states that any motorcycle driver who is 21 years or older will be allowed to ride without wearing a helmet as long as he or she carries a minimum of $20,000 in medical coverage. Furthermore, the driver must have successfully completed an approved motorcycle safety course and must have at least…

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