Michigan motorcycle insurance news says no helmets required with adequate coverage


The latest Michigan insurance news is that motorcyclists and their passengers are no longer required to wear helmets as long as they are 21 years old and they carry enough coverage. Many people are applauding this state law change, which has been pursued for decades, and are considering this a personal responsibility and freedom victory. Others, though, are warning that this decision will lead to more deaths and severe injuries on the roads, and that motorcycle insurance costs will skyrocket. They have also noted that it may be difficult to…

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Adequately insured motorcycle riders don’t require helmets

Motorcycle riders who carry enough motorcycle insurance – and who carry proof of that coverage – are now allowed to drive in Michigan without helmets following a preliminary vote in the state’s House that lifted that requirement. The legislation states that any motorcycle driver who is 21 years or older will be allowed to ride without wearing a helmet as long as he or she carries a minimum of $20,000 in medical coverage. Furthermore, the driver must have successfully completed an approved motorcycle safety course and must have at least…

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The helmet and insurance laws for Florida motorcycle riders

If certain insurance standards are met by an adult’s motorcycle policy, the law in Florida doesn’t require that individual to wear a helmet while they drive that vehicle. The majority of bikers are considered to be safe drivers. However, the problem is that they can still be injured by other careless motorists regardless of the care that they take. According to Florida Statute 316.211: • A person must be wearing protective headgear that has been properly and securely fastened in order to ride a motorcycle. That headgear must meet the…

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