Motorcycle season lasts longer with warmer fall weather

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In many areas where rides would typically already be stored, riders are still out and enjoying them. The warmer fall weather this year has provided riders with a pleasant extension to the motorcycle season. At this time, many parts of the country would typically see motorcycles being readied for storage. However, in 2016 we’re still seeing riders heading down the roads. Riders have been delaying putting their motorcycles away, taking the chance for one more ride day-by-day. This mild trend has crossed over several states. There have been record high…

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Motorcycle insurance companies remind riders to protect themselves

Motorcycle Insurance

Helmets and leathers can go a long way for safety on the roads. As the riding season gets into full swing, motorcycle insurance policy carriers are advising enthusiasts and riders to remember that the right protective gear is vital year round, and can reduce injuries or even save a life. Today’s technologies and designs can keep motorcyclists both safe and cool in hot weather. It is recommended that riders aim to buy (and wear) the apparel with the best possible fit. The better it fits, the more protection it will…

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