Florida motorcycle insurance gains new pay-per-mile player

Motorcycle insurance - Motorcycle on road - Florida flag

The state’s riders now have the added option that Voom has included in their available products Riders in Florida have an additional motorcycle insurance option from which to choose for meeting their coverage needs as Voom Insurance recently announced that it was bringing its pay-per-mile policies to the state. This makes the insurer the only one in Florida selling this type of product Usage-based coverage is available within the state’s automotive market, but this option has been focused entirely on larger vehicles such as cars, SUVs and trucks. The new…

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Usage based insurance pilot program being tested on motorcycles

usage based insurance dashboard

The test will be performed by SGI, which makes it among the first in the world to use telematics on these vehicles. SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) has announced its proposal to begin a program that will apply usage based insurance technology to policies that cover motorcycles, joining the very first in the world to take this step. Only a small handful of other companies across the globe have intentions to test telematics for motorcycles. Usage based insurance technology functions by installing a small device into a vehicle in order to…

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Motorcycle insurance could ease significant cost burden

Motorcycle Insurance

Crashes are leading to significant expense for states. The importance of motorcycle insurance has been brought to the forefront of Indiana’s attention following a series of tragic accidents that have left several riders dead in the northeast of the state this summer. It is also making state lawmakers consider making helmets a required precaution. This would add Indiana to the list of 20 other states that maintain this requirement. However, not every state finds it easy to put these rules into place. Many bikers feel that they should have the…

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