FHA set to reduce mortgage insurance premiums

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Federal agency has plans to significantly reduce mortgage insurance premiums in the near future The U.S. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced plans to cut mortgage insurance costs. The move is part of a larger endeavor that involves making it easier for families to purchase homes throughout the country. The FHA has a program that offers those with modest incomes the chance to purchase homes. This program is designed to support those that do not have enough money to make a significant down payment on a property. Insurance coverage for…

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FHA mortgage insurance rates to be slashed in 2 weeks

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As of January 26, premiums on a loan from the Federal Housing Administration could be cheaper. The Federal Housing Administration has now released the details of its intentions to lower the premiums on mortgage insurance, in an announcement that followed closely on the heels of the unveiling of President Barack Obama’s intentions to give the first time home purchasing market a boost. There will be considerable reductions in the insurance rates that will be charged on FHA-insured loans. For instance, when it comes to 30 year mortgages that have been…

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Fannie Mae takes charge on forced-place insurance, announces changing of rules

The issue of force-placed insurance has been thrust into the limelight this week by the Federal National Mortgage Association, more commonly known as Fannie Mae. Forced-placed insurance is a practice that some insurance companies and banks utilize to force homeowners to purchase expensive insurance policies. In New York, insurance regulators have been investigating the issue in the local industry. Spurred by state, federal and consumer attention, Fannie Mae has announced that it will be changing the rules concerning forced-placed insurance. For one, the government-sponsored enterprise will be overseeing forced-placed policies…

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Home refinancing to see lower mortgage insurance premiums from the Federal Housing Administration

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced that it will be lowering the premiums for mortgage insurance for individuals who are refinancing their loans due to the housing market improvement strategy by President Barack Obama. The FHA has stated that it will be reducing the up-front premiums to bring them down from their former position at 1 percent, to 0.01 percent. This was indicated in a fact sheet that the Obama Administration began distributing on Tuesday. According to that same fact sheet, there will also be a reduction in the…

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U.S. mortgage insurance on the brink of collapse, changes for the housing market loom

The U.S. mortgage insurance market is on the cusp of a major revolution, but not for the better. The problems stem from the 2008 worldwide economic recession. The recession took a massive toll on the U.S. housing market, resulting in a crisis that persists to this day. Several insurance companies that specialized in mortgages floundered in the wake of the recession and those that survived now hold too much risk to continue writing policies. Insurers lost billions as a result of the housing crisis, losing much of the surplus capital…

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