FHA mortgage insurance rates to be slashed in 2 weeks

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As of January 26, premiums on a loan from the Federal Housing Administration could be cheaper. The Federal Housing Administration has now released the details of its intentions to lower the premiums on mortgage insurance, in an announcement that followed closely on the heels of the unveiling of President Barack Obama’s intentions to give the first time home purchasing market a boost. There will be considerable reductions in the insurance rates that will be charged on FHA-insured loans. For instance, when it comes to 30 year mortgages that have been…

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Mortgage insurance market moves toward private sector away from CMHC

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The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp. appears to be losing its grasp on this space. For many years, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a Crown corporation, has held a considerable dominance over the mortgage insurance market in the country, but that situation appears to be changing. Its rivals in the private sector are now taking a greater hold on the market and is scooping up a bigger share. During the first quarter of 2014, the CMHC provided mortgage insurance for 27,869 housing units for borrowers whose down payment…

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Mortgage insurance risk advice offered by Canadian watchdog

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The financial regulator in Canada has come up with a guideline draft for mitigating insurers risks. Canada’s financial regulator has now come up with a draft for certain mortgage insurance company guidelines that could help to decrease the risk that is currently present within the housing market. Analysts have cautioned that it could make it slightly harder for borrowers to obtain a home loan. The guidelines were created by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), and they would apply to that country’s three major mortgage insurance companies:…

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Mortgage insurance sector sees improvements from housing market growth

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This sector of the industry is experiencing considerable benefits from the steady increase in real estate activity. Radian Group and MGIC Investment have experienced a boost this year as the data that supports the recovery for the American housing market continues to be collected, and is indicating that the mortgage insurance sector of the industry is experiencing measurable improvements. Two important reports were issued last week that show that home prices and sales in the U.S. are improving. The report entitled Research Driven Investing looked more deeply into the various…

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Mortgage insurance – added problem for U.S. housing

In the present financial crisis, policymakers in the U.S. have started analyzing the structure of the U.S. housing finance system and the role of the federal government in supporting the flow of money to the housing sector. Private Mortgage Insurers rank among the lesser known components of the present housing finance system. The recent downfall of PMI Group’s credit indemnity trade is a hint to the fact that, a huge part of the private sector of U.S. housing require some modifications. Quite similar to it’s rivals, MGIC and Radian, PMI…

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