Health insurance regulations raise concerns over privacy from gadgets

health insurance privacy fitness devices

Connected mobile and wearable fitness devices could soon be sharing medical data. While technology in the fitness category – including tiny computers in everything from wristbands to headbands is becoming the very latest trend, many are starting to wonder about the security and privacy repercussions of allowing these devices to be incorporated into health insurance coverage rules. In the future, the law may make it possible for the fitness and medical wellbeing of employees to be monitored. Although there could be some benefits to using these mobile devices and fitness…

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T-Mobile may be raising insurance rates

Mobile Insurance

T-Mobile could be pushing higher insurance rates next year Insurance coverage for mobile devices is becoming increasingly common and more comprehensive, especially as more consumers come to rely on their mobile devices in their daily lives. Smart phones represent a significantly costly investment for a wide range of people and are well-loved by many because of the features they offer. Smart phones are also popular targets of theft because of the information they contain and some are notoriously fragile. T-Mobile customers may see the insurance rates for their mobile devices…

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