T-Mobile may be raising insurance rates

Mobile Insurance

T-Mobile could be pushing higher insurance rates next year Insurance coverage for mobile devices is becoming increasingly common and more comprehensive, especially as more consumers come to rely on their mobile devices in their daily lives. Smart phones represent a significantly costly investment for a wide range of people and are well-loved by many because of the features they offer. Smart phones are also popular targets of theft because of the information they contain and some are notoriously fragile. T-Mobile customers may see the insurance rates for their mobile devices…

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Cell phone insurance data shows massive spending on repairs and replacements

Cell Phone Insurance

Owners of the new iPhone 5 wonder whether coverage will help protect them from high costs. The iPhone 5’s massive success in its release last week didn’t come as a surprise to anybody, but it has left the owners of these cutting edge devices wondering whether they should purchase cell phone insurance to protect them against the cost of loss, theft, or damage. Consumers spend billions repairing broken devices and on replacements and deductibles. In fact, according to the consumer electronics protection plan provider, SquareTrade’s data, since the iPhone first…

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Mobile device insurance market in the U.S. poised for growth

mobile commerce insurance industry

Advanced mobile technology becoming a popular candidate for insurance protection Mobile technology is growing at a rapid pace around the world. More mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are finding their way into the hands of consumers, especially in the U.S., home of some of the largest mobile technology developers in the world. As mobile devices become more advanced, consumers are beginning to see the potential risks in these devices becoming damaged or stolen. As such, the mobile phone insurance market has experienced more growth as consumers demand protection…

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Mobile commerce in the insurance industry is about to take off

Mobile Commerce

Ensquared is prepared for an explosion of smartphone adoption and online shopping. Leading smartphone and iPhone insurance authority, Ensquared, has announced the results of its latest customer and industry data analysis and has announced that American mobile commerce will truly be taking off within the upcoming two to five years. As a result, they also say that tablet and cell phone insurance will also skyrocket. Though the United States is never a world leader in terms of mobile commerce and devices, it is about to take on a leadership role…

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