Mobile commerce application uses GPS to reduce distracted driving behaviors

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The new patent-pending mobile commerce Drive Save Mode app reduces the risk posed by distracted driving. Mobile commerce has stepped up to help encourage safer driving behaviors with a new app that was launched in Las Vegas called Drive Safe Mode. The new application has already been downloaded by many adults, parents, and teens, and has attracted a great deal of hype as even nonprofit organizations are using the app to encourage greater precautions against distracted driving. This new technology has already outperformed the achievements of previously released apps that…

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House committee in Louisiana approves electronic proof of auto insurance coverage

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Louisiana legislation approval gives the go ahead on digital proof of auto insurance coverage. The new legislation says that police must accept both the electronic and print card versions of the proof of car insurance. The House Bill 1130, which was sponsored by Rep. Greg Cromer (R-Slidell) received unanimous support from the Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. This vote will send the bill along to the next stage of approval, which consists of a debate on the House floor. Chuck McMains, an insurance industry lobbyist, has stated that insurers are increasingly…

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New report identifies online and mobile industry trends in insurance for BRIC countries

A new report has just been released that has provided an in-depth analysis of the adoption of online and mobile commerce strategies by insurance companies in BRIC countries. The report is entitled “Online Strategies of Banking and Insurance Companies in the BRIC Countries”. It provides insight into the latest insurance industry trends in China, India, Brazil, and Russia. What it found was that the industry in those countries are adopting social media as a part of their online and mobile commerce marketing tools. It also looked into the drivers and…

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Attensity unveils new insurance industry social analytics solution

Top Social CRM social analytics and engagement app provider, Attensity, has announced its latest product, which consists of a solution for the insurance industry that broadens the flagship text analytics app by the company with new and unique topics, category sets, dashboards, and reports that are designed specifically for the needs of the insurance industry. This new solution has been created to allow insurance carriers and other businesses within that industry to perform a timely and accurate analysis of customer conversations over social media as well as other unstructured sources,…

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Progressive Insurance adds to mobile commerce offerings with recreational and sports vehicle coverage quotes

Progressive Insurance has announced that it has expanded its mobile commerce offerings to consumers by adding the ability to use a smartphone or tablet in order to receive quotes for the coverage of motorcycles, RV’s boats, and other recreational and powersports vehicles. Progressive Insurance is already the leading motorcycle insurance company in the United States, and is also the top boat and RV insurer. Clearly, it saw the benefit in expanding its current mobile quote optimization to include this group of vehicles as well as more traditional cars, SUVs, pickups,…

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