Missouri earthquake insurance market is getting very shaky

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The state D.O.I. published a new report showing the lack of high-magnitude tremor readiness. A new Missouri earthquake insurance report was recently published by the state’s Department of Insurance (D.O.I.), highlighting some troubling details about the market there. The “Earthquake Insurance Market Report” showed a lack of preparedness in the event of a large quake. The Missouri earthquake insurance report revealed some troubling facts about the readiness of the state’s market to recover if a high magnitude quake should occur. This is particularly worrying as the southeast of the state…

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AIR Worldwide marks 200th anniversary of New Madrid Earthquake with special report

It has been 200 years since the New Madrid Earthquake, a major seismic event that rattled the Central U.S. in the winter of 1811. The quake, which was estimated as being a 7.0, struck what is, today, Missouri. To mark the occasion, AIR Worldwide, a catastrophe modeling firm serving the insurance industry, has released a new report titled “The New Madrid Earthquake Bicentennial: Revisiting A Midwest Mystery.” The report details how much the catastrophe modeling community has changes in the centuries following the disaster and estimates the financial impacts of…

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Missouri residents are underinsured

Missouri just held an event noting the 200 year anniversary for the New Madrid earthquake. John M. Huff, the acting director Missouri’s Department of Insurance, spoke at said event to help bring awareness to the weak number of homes that actually have earthquake insurance within the state.  He has also has expressed in the past,  that there’s a large percentage of homeowners that will not be accurately protected if an earthquake happens these days. Huff’s concern is, that over the past ten year’s the amount of earthquake policies purchased has sharply decreased and the ones that do have…

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