Homeowners insurance claims pour in following hail storm

homeowners insurance hail damage storm

The widespread damage in Mississippi also lead to hundreds of auto filings within the first few hours. Within the first days following the hailstorms in Mississippi, hundreds of auto and homeowners insurance claims have been coming in due to the damage that had been left behind in the state’s capital city and surrounding areas. Authorities have yet to calculate precisely how many structures and vehicles were damaged. It looks as though Jackson and its suburbs faced the heaviest damage in the state. According to a Farm Bureau Insurance employee, Jim…

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Affordable Care Act spark dispute in Mississippi

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Affordable Care Act

Mississippi officials clash over provision of Affordable Care Act Mississippi is one of the states opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Since the law was passed in 2010, the state has been working to derail health care reform. Now, the state is embroiled in a dispute that has actually slowed the implementation of the law in a significant way, threatening to put the law off its carefully scheduled timeline. Governor Phil Bryant and Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney are behind the dispute. Governor and Insurance Commissioner not seeing eye-to-eye While both…

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Mississippi challenge to Affordable Care Act dismissed

Health Care Reform

Affordable Care Act challenge dismissed by federal judge After the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year, the 26 states opposing the federal health care law continued working to dismantle it while simultaneously complying with its provisions. Mississippi, however, was quick to file a follow up lawsuit challenging the law. This lawsuit managed to make its way to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, where federal judge Keith Starrett ruled that the challenge was “premature.” Challenge ruled as premature According to…

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Hurricane Isaac may make its way to Mississippi

Tropical storm Isaac

Isaac matures into a hurricane and Mississippi prepares for storm’s arrival Tropical Storm Isaac has matured into a full-fledged hurricane as it made landfall in Florida early Monday. According to Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance, more than 300 claims have been generated by the storm already, with many more expected in the coming days. Isaac’s path is expected to continue well beyond Florida, reaching as far as Mississippi, where that state’s Department of Insurance is taking the time to remind homeowners to take caution before evacuating their property if such action…

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Mississippi could lose its access to flood insurance because of state law

Residents of Mississippi are in danger of losing their flood insurance if state legislators do not take action on a particular law. The state was put on notice by the Federal Emergency Management Agency late last week because one of the state’s laws makes hunting and fishing camps exempt from the building codes that govern the flood prone areas of the state. FEMA claims that if the issue is not resolved by May 5th, those receiving coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program will see their policies canceled. According to…

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Update on Mississippi River Flood

As of Sunday, the Army Corps of Engineers had opened nine of the 125 bays in the Morganza spillway. The nine bays that were opened in the spillway are diverting around 90 thousand cubic feet of water per second. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was urging citizens in the Morganza area to start preparing for the inevitable evacuation. On Friday, the Army Corps of Engineers didn’t have an exact time when they would be opening the spillway; yet most knew the choice was unavoidable. Citizens in the Morganza area had been…

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Mississippi homeowners insurance increase approved

Beginning in June some residents of Mississippi could see their homeowners insurance rates go up. The state Insurance Commissioner has been in negotiations with Allstate Insurance Company for almost a year and a half, before the two reached an agreement. In 2006 Allstate was given the ok to raise rates in Mississippi by 29 percent, with three of the counties considered coastal being raised by 90 percent. In 2008 they petitioned for another rate increase and were given approval for a 14 percent statewide average increase. When Allstate filed for…

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