Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Chaney finds a way to build a health insurance exchange

Florida Health Insurance

Commissioner Chaney faces down political disparities Per the Affordable Care Act, all states in the U.S. are required to build health insurance exchanges. For the majority of the country, this is no longer an issue of politics, but one of finance. For the 26 states that sought to dismantle the federal health care law, however, building a health insurance exchange will be a difficult issue to deal with. Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Chaney, for example, is facing the problems of establishing an exchange in a state that continues to oppose the…

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Mississippi homeowners insurance increase approved

Beginning in June some residents of Mississippi could see their homeowners insurance rates go up. The state Insurance Commissioner has been in negotiations with Allstate Insurance Company for almost a year and a half, before the two reached an agreement. In 2006 Allstate was given the ok to raise rates in Mississippi by 29 percent, with three of the counties considered coastal being raised by 90 percent. In 2008 they petitioned for another rate increase and were given approval for a 14 percent statewide average increase. When Allstate filed for…

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