Mississippi challenge to Affordable Care Act dismissed

Health Care Reform

Affordable Care Act challenge dismissed by federal judge After the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the Supreme Court earlier this year, the 26 states opposing the federal health care law continued working to dismantle it while simultaneously complying with its provisions. Mississippi, however, was quick to file a follow up lawsuit challenging the law. This lawsuit managed to make its way to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, where federal judge Keith Starrett ruled that the challenge was “premature.” Challenge ruled as premature According to…

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Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Chaney finds a way to build a health insurance exchange

Florida Health Insurance

Commissioner Chaney faces down political disparities Per the Affordable Care Act, all states in the U.S. are required to build health insurance exchanges. For the majority of the country, this is no longer an issue of politics, but one of finance. For the 26 states that sought to dismantle the federal health care law, however, building a health insurance exchange will be a difficult issue to deal with. Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Chaney, for example, is facing the problems of establishing an exchange in a state that continues to oppose the…

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Entire country’s health insurance premiums are skyrocketing

Nationwide statistics about health insurance premiums between 2003 and 2010 have shown that every state’s costs have been soaring. The state-by-state analysis was performed by a nonprofit health policy foundation called the Commonwealth Fund. What the research discovered was that within that span of seven years, the family coverage premiums soared by an average of 50 percent. The report about the findings predicted that if premiums continue to rise at the same rate, then the average premium paid by a family will explode to almost $24,000 per year by 2020.…

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Mississippi state reform takes shape

The Mississippi Senate has taken the first steps in establishing the framework for the state’s insurance exchange program by approving a plan that will allow employers to purchase group health insurance policies from anywhere in the United States. The hope is to bring more options and competitive products by offering consumers the availability of outside markets.  The House passed the bill to enact the exchange by an 83-33 vote on Monday. Supporters of the program say that it is a critical move to help citizens and businesses obtain the coverage they need while providing…

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