Rape insurance repeal attempt underway by Michigan Legislature Democrats

Gretchen Whitmer Michigan rape insurance bill

A new legislative push led by Senator Gretchen Whitmer (D-East Lansing) is aimed at the controversial law. While lawmakers in Michigan may be on a considerable break for the summer, the Democrats in the state are currently working on a considerable effort in the form of a campaign within the legislature with the purpose of repealing the rape insurance legislation that was introduced by citizens in the state requiring them to purchase a separate coverage to pay for abortions. The law was originally enacted back in December, but bills are…

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Rape insurance now implemented in Michigan

Health Insurance news abortion rape

The controversial law regarding coverage for abortions has now become effective in the state. The highly controversial Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law, which has been nicknamed the “rape insurance” law, has now gone into effect in the state of Michigan, which would require women to purchase separate plans in order to cover an abortion except in a case in which the woman was a victim of a sexual crime that caused her to become pregnant, or if the unborn baby was putting the woman’s life at risk. Supporters have say that…

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