New no fault Michigan auto insurance bills passed a House committee

Michigan Auto Insurance news

Reforms exclude certain populations for payment eligibility. A number of Michigan auto insurance bills which each contain an exclusion for certain populations from being able to collect payments under the no fault law in the state, have passed a House committee. This underscores the legislative attempts to change the system that is compensating injured people in car accidents, no matter who caused it to happen. Those supporting the bills have said that the number and size of the payouts from the personal injury protection (PIP) system have spiked over the…

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No-fault insurance bill arrives at the Michigan Legislature

Michigan’s Legislature has begun reviewing a number of bills that would transform the state’s auto insurance laws. State lawmakers have been attempting to confront the issue of excessive auto insurance rates and stem the tide of fraud that is inundating the streets. Amongst a sleuth of new regulations that would curb rate hikes, legislators will be hearing a bill regarding changing the state’s auto insurance into a no-fault system. The bill has already garnered a breadth of support from consumer advocacy groups. Currently, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is required…

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