$400 in auto insurance refunds headed to Michigan drivers

auto insurance refund

Insured motorists will be getting money back for each of their covered vehicles. Michigan drivers will be receiving $400 in auto insurance refunds for each insured vehicle from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the state Department of Insurance and Financial Services made the announcement. The auto insurance refunds will total about $3 billion. Drivers in the state can expect to receive the checks within the first half of next year, said the news release from the governor. Whitmer first made the call for the refunds at…

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Insurance news is bright as the fireworks display returns for Mason

fireworks safety july 4 insurance news

For a short while, the Michigan city thought it would have to cancel the long running event. The city of Mason, Michigan, has held a fireworks display that entertains thousands of people every year for the July 4th celebrations, but for a span of four days, the insurance news looked bleak as it appeared that the coverage for the event was being withdrawn, cutting off its ability to continue this year. The organizers of the event moved quickly to find out what went wrong and to resolve the situation. From…

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New law rattles insurance industry in Michigan

insurance industry report

Michigan insurance industry balks at new law A new law has gone into effect in Michigan that will change the way the state’s insurance industry prices coverage. The law was passed on March 28 of this year and changes the way insurance companies can use a consumer’s credit information to deny or cancel auto, home, health, and other kinds of insurance coverage. In many states, insurers are barred from using socio-economic information to price coverage at all. In Michigan, however, the insurance industry claims to rely on this information as…

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Healthcare reforms battle in Michigan rages on

Health insurance care reform confusion debate

The state has still not given its approval for the Governor’s new health insurance marketplace. Governor Rick Snyder has made yet another attempt to step forward in the state’s healthcare reforms by trying to obtain approval for a new health insurance market in Michigan, but this has once again been denied. The struggle in the state over the changes that must be made to the system is nowhere near over. The Republican-led Senate in Michigan was quick to stand behind the governor’s state created and operated health insurance exchange, as…

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Michigan motorcycle insurance news says no helmets required with adequate coverage


The latest Michigan insurance news is that motorcyclists and their passengers are no longer required to wear helmets as long as they are 21 years old and they carry enough coverage. Many people are applauding this state law change, which has been pursued for decades, and are considering this a personal responsibility and freedom victory. Others, though, are warning that this decision will lead to more deaths and severe injuries on the roads, and that motorcycle insurance costs will skyrocket. They have also noted that it may be difficult to…

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