No-fault auto insurance overhaul bill passes Michigan Senate

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The state’s Legislature held its first vote to modify the system near the end of last week. The Michigan Legislature voted on a bill to modify the no-fault auto insurance system in the state, approving changes meant to reduce the cost of coverage for drivers while overcoming some of the challenges left behind by the overhaul made in 2019. The 2019 changes cause certain medical providers to stop providing care to car crash victims. The new legislation voted on last week passed the Senate. It was meant to boost reimbursement…

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Michigan auto insurance coverage rate change deadline is coming

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State leaders are encouraging residents to do so before the amnesty period runs out and rates increase. Michigan state leaders are pushing for uninsured drivers in the state to get their auto insurance coverage fast before premiums start rising when the amnesty period expires. The amnesty period is a component of the no-fault reform legislation in the state. The new legislation became effective in July 2020. The amnesty period was put in place to provide uninsured motorists with a reprieve, giving them the chance to obtain their legally required auto…

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Auto insurance rates could be dropping in Michigan

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Auto insurance coverage is expected to become less expensive in Michigan due to new measure Changes being made to Michigan’s auto insurance laws could mean lower premiums for consumers and lower costs for insurers. The state’s House Insurance Committee has approved a measure that would make changes to existing insurance legislation, which could bring down premiums by $100 every year for the next two years. The measure would also prevent health care providers from overcharging insurers when they treat victims of auto accidents. Health insurers will also not be able…

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Michigan lawmakers seek to limit auto insurance benefits

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Lawmakers take aim at auto insurance benefits Michigan legislators have begun addressing the issues associated with the state’s no-fault auto insurance laws. Currently, state law ensures that lifetime medical benefits to victims of auto accidents throughout the state are unlimited. This provision of the law has long been a point of contention for the auto insurance industry, which considers unlimited benefits to be somewhat excessive in most circumstances. The no-fault law has, in some regard, contributed to the growing costs of auto insurance coverage, and lawmakers are looking to address…

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Legislators fight back against auto insurance changes in Michigan

New legislation in Michigan seeking to change the state’s auto insurance laws has found opposition with some of the state’s lawmakers. Michigan Democrats have taken issue with the pending legislation, claiming that it is unfair for some motorists that currently have trouble paying for the insurance coverage they have. The law would remove the cap on medical benefits provided through insurance coverage for those injured in auto accidents as well as broaden the requirement for the level of coverage drivers should have. Supporters of the legislation argue that it will…

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