Michigan’s 2019 Auto Reform Bill includes unconstitutional car insurance changes

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The state’s Supreme Court has ruled against a component of the bill that brought changes to benefits. The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that part of the car insurance changes from the 2019 Auto Reform Bill that has been making headlines for the last four years is actually unconstitutional. About 18,000 patients experienced reduced benefits as a result of the changes in the bill. The car insurance changes have been heavily discussed and debated over the last four years, particularly in terms of decreased reimbursements for catastrophic care, cutting into…

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Legislators fight back against auto insurance changes in Michigan

New legislation in Michigan seeking to change the state’s auto insurance laws has found opposition with some of the state’s lawmakers. Michigan Democrats have taken issue with the pending legislation, claiming that it is unfair for some motorists that currently have trouble paying for the insurance coverage they have. The law would remove the cap on medical benefits provided through insurance coverage for those injured in auto accidents as well as broaden the requirement for the level of coverage drivers should have. Supporters of the legislation argue that it will…

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