Michigan’s auto insurance rates are the most expensive in the United States

Auto insurance rates high - Michigan

The state has returned to the top spot for having coverage more costly than any other in the country. Michigan has now retaken its title as having the most expensive auto insurance rates in the United States, after having lost that top spot for a while due to the initial impact of the change in certain regulations. The average driver in the state pays about $196 per month for coverage. This represents about three times the national average auto insurance rates. While the state is home to much of the…

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Michigan falls to 4th place among states with most expensive auto insurance

Auto insurance - Michigan Sign

The state held the most expensive spot for years and is now falling in the ranks toward affordability. Michigan has fallen to fourth place in the ranking of states with the most expensive auto insurance in the country, according to a report newly released by Insure.com. The report is released annually and provides an examination of car coverage rates. Fourth place is a considerable improvement for Michigan, which long held onto the most expensive spot in the US. This change in rank shows that there are now three states that…

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