Mental health insurance bill gets Texas House thumbs up

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Tentative approval was given to a bill that would ensure equal insurance coverage for mental and physical care. The Texas House granted tentative approval for legislation to provide equal physical and mental health insurance coverage for care. This would make sure that Texans can obtain care regardless of whether the nature of the illness is of the body or the mind. This health care legislation was proposed by Rep. Four Price (R-Amarillo) earlier this week. The mental health insurance legislation was the first of a number Price filed regarding mental…

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Health insurance consumers face confusion over mental illness coverage

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Many people are struggling to understand what type of protection they have against mental conditions. Health insurance has been a prime news topic over the last while, as the changes to the Affordable Care Act are implemented, but what many people are still struggling to discover is how they are covered against mental illness. Standard policies will soon provide more protection against that type of condition. However, while it is truly helpful to have a policy that will provide mental illness coverage, all too many practitioners are not accepting that…

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Mental health experts call for blend of medical and behavioral payments in healthcare reform

Experts in mental health industry are requesting that medical providers such as psychologists take on an important role in health care reform, as they bring about new initiatives for reimbursement that would combine behavioral and medical health payments. Among the primary criticisms that U.S. healthcare has received over the years is that its method of providing health care identifies medical and behavioral services as independent and not as important as physical health services. Furthermore, preventative efforts make up only 5 percent of the total expenditures for healthcare. Along with the…

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