Marijuana insurance industry is taking off like wildfire

Medical Marijuana Insurance Industry

This emerging market is rapidly growing strength throughout the United States with legalized cannabis. The marijuana insurance industry has exploded since certain forms and uses of medicinal cannabis received approval. That said, there have yet to be many participants in this particular part of the market. Still, there are a few players that have been carving their way into medicinal marijuana policies and coverage. Even before Lloyd’s of London stepped into – and then departed – the marijuana insurance industry, there was already a firm called New Wave Insurance taking…

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Medical marijuana plants may not be covered by homeowners insurance

medical marijuana insurance

As health plan debates continue over this treatment, now property coverage is being drawn into this complex issue. While most people think of health insurance plans when they consider the issue of coverage for medical marijuana, some people who use this medicinal herb are now finding that there are other issues to consider when it comes to the plants, themselves. An issue is starting to develop regarding homeowners insurance policies that aren’t covering stolen plants. While a homeowners insurance policy may cover stolen electronics and jewelry, if a medical marijuana…

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Insurance brokers are looking to the marijuana “green rush”

medical marijuana - insurance policy

As a growing number of areas start to legalize medical and even recreational use of cannabis, a new market is growing. Many areas across the United States – as well as in various other parts of the world – there has been a growing momentum on a political and cultural front to legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, and insurance brokers are among those who have spotted a considerable change in business that is now on its way. There are a number of opportunities that could rapidly…

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