Avoiding misconceptions about Medicare to sidestep financial struggles

Medicare open enrollment deadline approaching fast – things you should know!

According to the outcome of a study performed by Bankers Life and Casualty Company Center for a Secure Retirement, a startling number of retired individuals in the middle-income bracket who are on Medicare either do not understand or they misunderstand the costs and coverage provided by the program, which can lead to unexpected expenses. The research, whose findings were included in the report entitled “Retirement Healthcare for Middle-Income Americans”, examined data regarding 400 pre-Medicare individuals in the baby boomer generation (aged 47 to 64), as well as 400 adults in…

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Report shows that quality varies greatly amongst the nation’s largest health insurance plans

Consumer Reports, a market research agency focused on the health care industry, has released the findings of a new study regarding the quality of the nation’s largest health insurance plans. With major changes coming to the health care system in the coming years, consumers, insurers and political groups have been eager to dissect the findings of studies from Consumer Reports and other research agencies. Much of the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act is, indeed, spurred by such reports as they provide useful data for opponents and supporters of health…

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Study shows higher Medicaid primary care spending linked to lower hospitalization spending

A Medicaid study published in the Health Affairs Journal in July 2011, has shown that in some states, there is a link between spending more in Medicaid primary care and spending less on hospitalizations. It has been widely accepted by health policy experts that spending in Medicaid varies significantly from one state to another, and among the regions within those states. However, what is not as evident is the way in which the prices and the usage patterns impact the Medicaid spending differences among the states. What had also not…

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