Mind the Gap: Things to Know Before Picking the Best Medicare Supplement Plan


Whether you have just turned 65, are about to turn 65, or are looking after a loved one who already has, keeping abreast of Medicare policy changes and picking the best Medicare supplement plan can seem like a daunting task. While the basic Medicare supplement plans (Plans A – N) are standardized at the federal government level, there are still many variations and nuances that occur at the state level. For example, some states may charge different rates for males than they do for females; some states won’t ask questions…

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New search tool for Medicare Part D for 2012 available through Q1Medicare.com

The Medicare Part D prescription drug plan search tool – also known as the PDP Finder – is now launched through Q1 Medicare and this stand-alone feature is now available for use. This tool gives Medicare beneficiaries such as seniors a look at all of the different Medicare Part D plans available for 2012 for their areas quickly and easily. These plans are offered along with the primary details for all drug tiers of coverage, such as the monthly premiums, “Donut Hole” coverage, the initial deductibles, and cost sharing/co-payment information.…

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