Independent Agents Should Promote Drug Plan Savings Now To Lock In Medicare AEP Leads

Independent Agents Should Promote Drug Plan Savings Part D Coverage- insurance sales

Navigating Through the 2023 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: Valuable Tips for Independent Agents Starting shortly, hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent by insurers and major marketing organizations designed to generate Medicare AEP leads. AEP is the Annual Enrollment Period during which tens of millions of seniors with Medicare plans can freely switch coverage. The 2023 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) begins October 15. Expect record-setting spending on cable television ads, online banners and click-through ads, as well as direct mail. Independent Medicare agents simply can’t compete with the amount…

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The Medicare Information Solution: Part 2

This article is continued from Part 1. Retiree benefits are received by approximately one in every three Medicare beneficiaries, and are a form of supplemental coverage from the retirement health plan provided by their former employers. For these individuals, Medicare began quite simply. They would use both Parts A and B, and then would simply use the insurance from their former employers to cover the out-of-pocket costs such as prescription drugs. The majority of individuals who have this option available to them will take it. However, employers are offering this…

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New search tool for Medicare Part D for 2012 available through

The Medicare Part D prescription drug plan search tool – also known as the PDP Finder – is now launched through Q1 Medicare and this stand-alone feature is now available for use. This tool gives Medicare beneficiaries such as seniors a look at all of the different Medicare Part D plans available for 2012 for their areas quickly and easily. These plans are offered along with the primary details for all drug tiers of coverage, such as the monthly premiums, “Donut Hole” coverage, the initial deductibles, and cost sharing/co-payment information.…

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