Are Stairlifts Covered by Your Home Insurance? Exploring Coverage Options

are stairlifts covered

The ease of mobility is a crucial aspect of independent living, especially for individuals with mobility challenges. Stairlifts have become a popular solution, providing a safe and convenient way to traverse stairs and significantly improve enhance the quality of life.  However, the cost of installing a stairlift can be a major concern for many individuals and their families. This raises the important question: Are stairlifts covered by home insurance? In this article, we will delve into the nuances of stairlift coverage by home insurance, explore different insurance policies, exceptions to…

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Medicare regulations may be causing shortage of cancer drugs

A month’s long shortage of cancer drugs may be the result of Medicare regulations. For several years, Medicare has provided coverage for cancer patients, allowing them to obtain treatments that they would otherwise have no access to. While Medicare offers this coverage, however, the number of cancer fighting drugs has been falling steadily. The phenomenon may be the result of a regulation within the Medicare system that dictates that doctors must purchase cancer drugs, not patients. Traditionally, patients have been responsible for purchasing their own medications as prescribed to them…

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