Health insurance comparison guide for 2013 Medicare supplement released

Medicare open enrollment deadline approaching fast – things you should know!

The Louisiana Department of Insurance and senior counselors are helping beneficiaries for next year. With the 2013 open enrollment period growing closer to completion for Medicare health insurance beneficiaries, officials in the industry are now ready to help people to ensure that they make the right choices for their coverage. Assistance is now available for helping to make decisions and use the coverage more effectively. Louisiana Department of Insurance Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) has counselors who are working throughout the state to help beneficiaries of Medicare to choose…

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Group health insurance is the top choice for over half of seniors

long term care insurance trends

This option beats out Medicare Supplemental coverage The most commonly purchased health insurance coverage for seniors are Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental plans and Medicare Part D, but recent studies have shown that they would have preferred the group coverage they had through their employers. The Medicare plans provide seniors with protection against medical care costs. That said, over half of the participants of a recent survey stated that they felt that the coverage that they had been receiving through their employer was superior to the protection they had through…

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Premiums decrease and enrollment increases for Medicare Advantage

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the part of the Medicare program that provides recipients with the ability to select their own private insurance have seen a drop in their premiums by an average of 7 percent, and there has been an increase in enrollment by 10 percent. According to Kathleen Sebelius, a Health and Human Services secretary, this has been an ongoing trend for Medicare Advantage system, which helps to work against the negative forecasts that have been made by those in opposition to the health…

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63 percent of health insurance exchange-using seniors reevaluated their private Medicare plan coverage this year

A study that involved an extended health survey of seniors who bought private Medicare plans through a health insurance exchange showed that 63 percent reevaluated their coverage during the annual enrollment period for 2012 and that among them, 31 percent purchased different coverage. The survey involved the participation of 334 seniors who had previously purchased private supplemental Medicare plans through an insurance exchange. According to the results, the three primary reasons that these seniors decided to reevaluate their health insurance coverage were: • Because they had experienced an increase in…

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