Privilege of Buying Medicare Supplement Plans at Lower Rates in Utah

Medicare Enrollment 2011

Utah is one of the few states in the country where you get Medicare supplement plans at much lower costs. There are many reasons why the Medicare plans are less expensive in the states like Utah, Colorado and Nevada even though they have big cities like Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas, in them. One of the most prominent reasons is that these states are healthier states. When you compare the Medicare supplement plans in Utah with other states you will see that they are less expensive. There are…

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Medicare regulations may be causing shortage of cancer drugs

A month’s long shortage of cancer drugs may be the result of Medicare regulations. For several years, Medicare has provided coverage for cancer patients, allowing them to obtain treatments that they would otherwise have no access to. While Medicare offers this coverage, however, the number of cancer fighting drugs has been falling steadily. The phenomenon may be the result of a regulation within the Medicare system that dictates that doctors must purchase cancer drugs, not patients. Traditionally, patients have been responsible for purchasing their own medications as prescribed to them…

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