Why Do You Need Health Insurance Even When Under 30?

Need health insurance

When young and healthy, most people think that health insurance is not necessary. Many even say that it is just too expensive to warrant offered benefits. This is definitely not the case. Getting health insurance is one of the best things you can do, no matter what your age is. There are various things that can be said about health insurance so let us focus on those facts that are highly important. Health Insurance Is Affordable Many say that health insurance is not affordable. This is not actually the case.…

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California legislators toil over bill that could give insurance regulators increased authority

California lawmakers have been embroiled in a legislative battle over the authority of the state’s insurance regulators. Earlier this year, legislation was introduced that would expand the power of regulators and give them full authority to deny or approve insurance rate increases from the state’s insurance companies. Under the law, regulators would be able to deem rate increases unjustified and excessive with minimal information to back up their determination. This legislation has attracted its fair share of opponents, but the bill’s supporters say that the state must be able to…

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