Medical insurance issues in the WWE are placing performances at risk

Goldust WWE medical insurance

The organization has updated its requirements and refusal to undergo random checks could stop talent from performing. The WWE has recently informed its contract talent that they have changed their requirements for medical insurance to the point that as of February 21, 2016, the organization will begin to conduct random checks alongside the insurers of the talent in order to make certain that all information that has been provided is accurate and up to date. The requirement for health insurance that is maintained by the talent themselves began back in…

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Health insurance in New Jersey is most expensive at the biggest organizations

new jersey health insurance rates

A new study from ADP has found the it is the large companies that pay the most for coverage. The results of the latest research by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) have been released in a recent report, which has indicated that it is the residents of New Jersey who work for large businesses that typically pay the highest amount for their health insurance premiums. This is the case in New Jersey more than in any other state, said the ADP study. The research showed that the average New Jersey employee…

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Health insurance rules from healthcare reforms generate $1.5 billion in savings

President Obama health insurance

Regulations put into place from the system wide overhaul have customers spending less. The results of a study by the Commonwealth Fund, a research institution, have now been released, indicating that the health insurance rules that have been put into place by the healthcare law reforms have caused system wide improvements in efficiency that saved Americans almost $1.5 billion last year. The law’s provision says that insurers must spend at least 80 percent of collected premiums on medical care This is the case among insurers selling plans to individuals and…

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