Medical malpractice insurance premiums to rise in Missouri

medical malpractice insurance premiums

State Supreme Court rules insurance caps unconstitutional Medical malpractice insurance premiums are expected to shoot up in Missouri after the state’s Supreme Court has declared a longstanding cap on the premiums unconstitutional. In 2004, Missouri legislators placed a cap on medical malpractice insurance premiums. Since then, premiums have dropped by 28%. The cap also lowered a cap concerning non-economic damages in malpractice cases, making it more difficult for consumers and insurance companies to recover funds that may be vital in the attainment of additional care. Cap had limited medical malpractice…

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Doctors save $19 million in malpractice insurance due to insurance rate regulation

The California Department of Insurance has revealed that there has been a total savings of approximately $19 million on the medical malpractice insurance premiums of medical care providers such as doctors and dentists, as the result of the rate regulation authority approval in that state geared toward reducing unjustified premiums. Equally, though, Consumer Watchdog Campaign has pointed out that the same protection for patients is being opposed by a doctors’ group. The Consumer Watchdog Campaign has been questioning the undisclosed links to the insurance industry of the leaders of the…

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