Health insurance companies work to form massive database in California

California Health Insurance Companies

State’s largest insurers are planning to store medical information in a single database The medical information of millions of residents in California may soon be contained in a single, massive database. Two of the state’s largest health insurance companies are currently working to create this database and it may help make health care significantly more efficient. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California are behind the initiative and the companies believe that the database will eventually lead to more affordable health care, but it has raised serious privacy concerns…

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Federal government releases Medicare information to insurance, consumer and employer groups

The federal government has made an ambitious change to its Medicare health care program this week. Now, Medicare information will be at the disposal of employers, insurance companies and consumer advocacy groups. This information will allow these groups to issue reports on local health care professionals and hospitals. In this way, groups can rate health care providers based upon their performance within the Medicare system. Patient information will remain confidential. The decision was made based upon the variances in performance amongst doctors nationwide. Without an adequate method of rating these…

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