5 Signs You Are Dealing with an Unprofessional Medical Malpractice Insurance Company

Medical malpractice insurance is an insurance product specifically designed for medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. At its core, medical malpractice insurance is similar to the professional liability insurance policies that businesses get to protect themselves from consumer lawsuits. Much like liability insurance, medical malpractice insurance helps doctors and other healthcare professionals to cover the cost of lawsuits filed by patients. Importance of Picking a Trusted Insurance Partner Medical malpractice insurance companies have the supremely complicated job of understanding the intricacies of medical care, insurance, and legal…

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How to Save for Retirement in the Midst of Marriage, Mortgages and Maternity

Life Insurance medical exam

There are so many things that stand in your way of saving for retirement – there’s never a “perfect” time to start. What you have to do is choose to do something rather than nothing, and do it now. With that said, you do need to find money to save, and that’s not always easy. Here’s how to start saving when you don’t seem to have anything. Rebudget If you don’t have a budget, make one. This will go a long way toward helping you save money. The simple act…

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Auto Insurance Add-Ons That Are Actually Worth the Extra Money

Car Insurance rates

When it comes to deciding on auto insurance for your vehicle it’s important to thoroughly consider each policy type before jumping to make a decision. Insurance premiums can be a big chunk of change out of your bank account each month, but unfortunately, car accidents are an everyday occurrence around the world, and getting caught without coverage can mean big trouble. You definitely don’t want to cut corners when it comes to making sure you have all of the insurance you need. Even if certain add-ons are going to cost…

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Michigan insurance news – no-fault fund transparency

Michigan Auto Insurance news

  Every car in Michigan pays a $175 yearly fee to the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. In recent insurance news, one Judge in Ingham county decided that the public fund should be open for review so residents can understand how the fund sets the annual rate. No-fault and catastrophic loss The MCCA was created by state legislation to help Michigan insurance companies that pay out more than half a million in claim money to people in car accidents and suffer life altering injuries. This limit is for individual claims. Residents have…

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Medicare supplemental health plans may be facing new limits

Supplemental health plans for Medicare insurance beneficiaries may soon be facing cutbacks as a result of the major reductions being made in the budget as a result of the special U.S. Congress deficit reduction panel. Medigap insurance plans provide additional coverage for many elderly people who have Medicare. These are individuals often live on fixed incomes. They rely on Medigap to protect them from the many deductibles and expenses for which Medicare does not provide coverage. A lobbyist that has been keeping track of the latest “super committee” developments explained…

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Vermont adopts single-payer health system

The state of Vermont is edging closer to a single-payer health system. The new system would have state residents transition into a publicly funded insurance program that would be responsible for paying hospital bills and other medical expenses. The system has received approval from the state Legislature and is to be built as soon as possible. Vermont is the first state in the U.S. to adopt a single-payer health system. Legislators will have to iron out the specific regulations that will govern the system before anyone can begin using it.…

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