Affordable Care Act sparks uncertainty over the future of health care

Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange Progressing

Uncertainty quickly becoming a staple of the Affordable Care Act The U.S. health care landscape is facing a great deal of uncertainty due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law was passed in 2010, and later upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the law’s most significant provisions have only taken effect over the past year, with more to come throughout 2014. The law aims to change the way health insurance coverage works and introduce new regulations designed to govern the health care industry, but these…

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Summary: Health reform and government shutdown

Health Care Reform

Government shutdown and its impact on health insurance and reform For the first time in 17 years, the U.S. federal government has been shut down. This comes as federal lawmakers failed to reach a compromise on the controversial Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare. Opponents of the Affordable Care Act have sought to pull funds from the law, prohibiting its implementation. Lawmakers have also sought to delay the enactment of the law for a whole year, hoping to see health care reform take effect in 2015 rather than 2014. Supporters…

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Health insurance companies find significant potential in Medicaid

Insurance news

Large insurers are buying out smaller ones that are better prepared to serve the elderly and poor. The largest health insurance companies in the country have been absorbing much smaller ones by the dozen as they prepare for the influx of customers through one of the latest healthcare changes by the government that will allow them to manage the coverage needs for the elderly, poor, and unwell across the country. So far, approximately 15 states are in the midst of creating their programs for this coverage. These states are each…

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Paul Ryan feels tax credits are the road to universal health coverage

Paul Ryan (R., WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman, gave a significant speech at the Hoover Institution about health reform. At this Stanford University think tank, Ryan spoke about his own Medicare and Medicaid reform plan called “Path to Prosperity”. That said, he also took a moment to speak about the third health-care entitlement in the United States, which is a tax subsidy of $300 billion per year, which helps to cover employer-sponsored health insurance. This reform offers the chance for universal coverage to run in a market-oriented way. Ryan…

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