Mayo Clinic insurance partnership forms with Medica to create new company

InsuranceBee and Hiscox launch insurance agent partner program

The two industry giants have joined forces to offer health plans on a national scale. A new Mayo Clinic insurance venture has been announced alongside a partnership with Medica. Medica, the health insurance company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, will come together with the health care giant to be able to sell plans throughout the United States. The two companies will work together to bring health plans to consumers across the nation. The new Mayo Clinic insurance venture with Medica will provide national plans. Policyholders will be able to access care…

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Mayo Clinic downsizing leads to heath insurance unit sale

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Corporate downsizing has led the highly reputed organization to take a new direction with its coverage. The Mayo Clinic has sold its health insurance unit in western Wisconsin. Patients covered by those policies will be offered a new option for their coverage. The policyholders were not without warning as the Mayo Clinic has been discussing it for years. The Mayo Clinic sold its health insurance unit to WEA Trust, a public employee insurer. The academic medical center decided within the last couple of years that it would put its health…

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Report shows that underage drinking is a major problem in the U.S.

A new report from the Mayo Clinic, an organization of medical experts that provide information and news on health topics, suggests that underage drinking is becoming a major problem in the U.S. According to the report, hospitalizations resulting from underage drinking cost approximately $755 million each year. This presents a major concern for the insurance industry because it is liable for the financial implications of these hospitalizations. Insurers have long held that there is not enough being done to curb underage drinking, but the problem has proven so complicated that…

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