Massachusetts auto insurance rates may rise due to legalized pot

auto insurance rates could rise from legalized marijuana

Drivers in the state can expect to see rising premiums regardless of whether or not they us marijuana. Massachusetts auto insurance rates are expected to rise across the state as a result of legalized marijuana. This is the case regardless of whether an individual driver actually uses it, say industry experts. Crashes increase in states where the sale of recreational marijuana is legal, says a recent study. According to data from a recent auto insurance rates study, crashes occur more frequently in states allowing recreational pot use, reported the Boston…

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Auto insurance premiums are on the rise in Massachusetts

auto insurance car headlights

Premiums continue to climb since state stopped regulating the auto coverage sector in 2008 Auto insurance is becoming more expensive in Massachusetts. The state is currently home to some of the most expensive auto coverage in the U.S., which is calling into question whether or not regulators should begin overseeing the auto insurance sector once again. In 2008, the state stopped regulating coverage for drivers. For a time, this caused insurance rates to drop by some degree, but they quickly shot up again as insurers sought to generate more profit…

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National Association of Insurance Commissioners applauds achievements of deregulation of auto insurance in Massachusetts

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, following the deregulation of the auto insurance marketplace in Massachusetts in April 2008, the average driver’s coverage premiums decreased by $133.80 per year. The Association released a report that showed that at the end of 2007, the average premium had been $1,056.91 per year. Two years later, at the same time, it had dropped to $923.11. That meant that the average decrease in auto insurance premiums was 12.7 percent per year. It noted that only the figures considered only the premiums paid…

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MAIA proposes 2012 referendum ballot to stop socioeconomic factors from impacting auto insurance premiums

The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA), a group based in Milford, has put forth a proposal for the 2012 election for a ballot referendum that would stop auto insurers from becoming able to use socioeconomic factors to underwrite their insurance. This practice is already banned by the state, but the MAIA is seeking to continue making it illegal to use information such as a person’s education, job type, and credit score for determining an individual’s auto insurance premiums. That said, organizations that represent auto insurers are arguing for the…

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