Insurance technology cripples Maryland insurance exchange

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State works to build a new, more effective exchange for its residents Maryland is taking steps to rebuild its flawed health insurance exchange, but the state is on a strict timeline, which leaves little to no room for any errors in the endeavor. The state has been tasked to reform its exchange after it failed to achieve its enrollment goals and was plagued by severe difficulties with the technology it used. Currently, the effort is not being endorsed by the federal government, which would rather take over the exchange itself,…

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Health care reform enrollment goal reached in Maryland, after all

Maryland Health insurance

A research error had made the success of the state’s exchange look unlikely until it was finally identified. Since the start of the implementation of the health care reform in Maryland, it has looked like the state would only just barely meet its enrollment goals – if it would actually reach them at all. However, recent reports have shown that the first goal that was set was actually based on inaccurate data. As it turns out, since the data upon which the original health care reform enrollment goal was established,…

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Health care reform brings better insurance to some in Maryland

health insurance healthcare reform

Consumers in the state are not signing up in record numbers but they are trading up for improved coverage. According to some of the latest figures from the health care reform in Maryland, the insurance exchange in the state isn’t necessarily making a tremendous dent in the number of uninsured people, but it is giving individuals a way to make sure that they are receiving the best possible coverage. Many people have upgraded their coverage but are paying less for their plans. The state doesn’t yet have the data regarding…

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Healthcare reforms with greatest simplicity proving most successful

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The states that began at the smallest levels for their exchanges are the ones winning the most so far. The federal healthcare reforms may have been experiencing a lot of hiccups over the last three weeks in getting the health insurance exchanges off the ground, but what has been discovered is that among all of these online marketplaces, it is those that have started small that appear to be running the most smoothly out of the gate. With every passing day, the sites are doing a little bit better as…

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