Life insurance business in Taiwan being sold by Manulife

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The company has announced that it will be ending the relationship that they have had in the country for 11 years. Manulife Financial Corp. has now announced that it will be ending an 11 year life insurance business relationship in Taiwan, and that it will be selling this business for about $25 million. The company has already found a buyer for this unit, and the acquisition processes are underway. CTBC Life Insurance Co., Ltd., will be purchasing this business from Manulife. It is the insurance arm of a large Taiwan…

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Life insurance from Manulife now available to customers in Cambodia

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One of the largest insurers in the world is has now started selling in this Southeast Asian country. Manulife Financial will now be selling life insurance in Cambodia now that it has made the first official announcement regarding the grand opening of its first office in located in Phnom Penh. Considered an historic event, the insurer released the details at the Raffles Hotel Le Royal. There, Manulife partners met with many guests, including government officials, its own partners, and local media, all of whom took part in a celebration that…

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