Insurance news announcement from China includes forced pollution coverage

china pollution insurance news

Chinese industries that pollute the most heavily will be required to purchase coverage for damage compensation. China has made a government insurance news announcement that will require the most heavily polluting industries to take part in a form of coverage program that will make certain that they are capable of providing compensation for the environmental damage that they cause. The Communist Party in the country has placed a central focus on the pollution in the country. This is the result of the considerable insurance news headlines that have been made…

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Legislative Referendum 122 could put an end to insurance mandate

Senator Art Wittich - Insurance mandate

Affordable Care Act provision could be cut down by Legislative Referendum 122 The Affordable Care Act is one of the most controversial legislations in the U.S.’s modern history. While the law aims to provide Americans with access to affordable health insurance coverage, it also requires them to purchase this coverage or risk fines and, in the most extreme circumstances, jail time. The insurance mandate has been at the crux of the controversy surrounding the law, and was the reason it landed before the Supreme Court earlier this year. While the…

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Hospitals could suffer if insurance mandate is abolished, says Moody’s

Health care reform news

Special report highlights the impact Supreme Court ruling could have on hospitals Moody’s Investors Services, often referred to as Moody’s, has released a special report concerning the insurance mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act within health care reform. The mandate has been at the heart of the controversy surrounding the federal law. According to the law, American citizens must purchase and maintain some kind of health insurance policy. Many states have accused the federal government of overstepping its boundaries by requiring people to purchasing health insurance. As a result,…

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Costa Rican Motorcyclists protest 2012 Marchamo increase

Thousands of motorcycle riders are protesting in the streets of Costa Rica due to the announcement of a significant increase to the 2012 marchamo. The marchamo, which means circulation permit, is a type of mandatory year-end vehicle insurance. The drivers must pay their marchamo before its due date on December 31 every year. This year, motorcyclists have been participating in weekly protests, the most recent of which occurred on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, starting at the San José statue of Leon Corte in La Sabana park. Alvaro Valverde, one of…

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Got Insurance? Many are not insured when they think they are

Summer is almost here. This means it’s time for consumers to re-evaluate their insurance coverage. Too often people believe they are covered for anything, just because they have insurance. This is why it’s not only important to know what kind of insurance you have; but to understand what it covers as well. In the recent economy people have noticed their homes have lost property value; some homeowner’s think they can lower their coverage and save some money. It’s important to understand that a lower property or market value doesn’t affect…

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