Evacuation cost claims expected from homeowners insurance companies

helicopter wildfire evacuation cost

Wildfire victims are being reminded that even if their homes aren’t damaged, they may still have coverage. The thousands of California wildfire victims who have been evacuated from Sonoma, Butte and Napa, may be able to make an evacuation cost claim with their insurers. Those carrying homeowners or renters insurance policies may be able to make claims to help with the expenses. Even in cases when properties haven’t been damaged, many renters and homeowners insurance policies cover some or all of the evacuation cost they face when ordered to leave…

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Floods wreak havoc in North Dakota, displacing thousands from their homes

North Dakota is struggling with a number of devastating floods stemming from the swollen Souris River. A torrent of water is being feed into the river by unrelenting storms further north, as well as several dam releases that were meant to protect farmland communities. So far, the river has broken a 130-year old record, and is currently the deepest it has ever been. State officials initially estimated that the river would crest at 8 feet, but later revised their estimates to a seemingly more likely 6.5 feet. The city of…

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