Insurance news likely will not change due to MH370 aircraft piece discovery

MH370 malaysian airlines wing insurance news

The discovery of the piece of the missing aircraft is “unlikely to affect” the coverage situation for claims. Many have been waiting to hear the latest insurance news following the discovery of the piece of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and what has been determined by the industry is that it is very unlikely that any of this finding will change the result of the claims. The negotiations over the insurance payments to many affected parties will likely not be altered. What this insurance news has shown is that…

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Tasteless insurance marketing ad uses MH17 crash to sell life policies

Life Insurance campaign

An Australian firm has now apologized for its advertising tactic after heavy criticisms. After receiving heavy criticism from Australians and people from other countries around the world, a life insurer has now apologized for having run an insurance marketing ad that described the tragedy of the MH17 crash as “a sign to consider life insurance”. That said, the company has blamed the actions of an overseas marketer for the creation of the advertisement. The Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash has been a terrible tragedy unto itself while also following quite closely…

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Insurance news suggests upcoming struggle for Malaysia Airlines

Malaysian Airlines - airline insurance news

Still reeling from the tragedy in March 2014, it is now facing new claims from the devastating crash in Ukraine. As Malaysia Airlines faces yet another heartbreaking catastrophe as one of its jetliners was shot down in Ukraine, insurance news headlines are now suggesting that this latest disaster could bring about compensation claims that could total hundreds of millions of dollars. It is also likely that the struggle faced by the carrier will extend beyond the cost of compensation. It looks as though the crash of flight MH17 will make…

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Insurance claims from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expected to be small

insurance claims

A new analysis by Standard & Poor’s has shown that insurers and reinsurers will find losses manageable. Standard & Poor’s Corp. has now issued the results of an analysis regarding the insurance claims that are expected to arise from the loss of flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines, and they have stated that they will more than likely be manageable for both insurers and reinsurers. They have predicted that the disappearance of the plane will generate insured losses of $250 million to $450 million. The final total regarding these insurance claims…

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Travel insurance sales spike as the MH370 mystery continues

business travel insurance

Fliers headed into or through the South East Asian region are feeling a higher sense of risk. In light of the heart wrenching disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and the 239 people who made up its passengers and crew, travel insurance has become a product that fliers are packing with them much more frequently, as people feel rattled about the situation in the South East Asian region. This has occurred at the same time that some travelers have simply cancelled their plans, outright. Many people are feeling quite…

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