Health insurance rates will rise for some in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Health Insurance

The cost of the coverage will be rising by an estimated 2.5 percent, on average, this summer. Policies that are purchased or renewed by individuals and small businesses, as of July 1, in Massachusetts, will be facing an increase in their health insurance rates at an average of 2.5 percent. This is a lower increase than the rate hike that was seen for the policies renewing in the current quarter. The increase that was experienced by health insurance policyholders who renewed or purchased during the current quarter had been an…

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Health insurance companies facing greater scrutiny in Massachusetts

Health Insurance premiums rise

Mental illness coverage will be a considerable focus for the state’s law and its enforcement. Mental health insurance has become a very hot topic, as seven different insurers have now reached settlements to pay consumers and the state for their failure to meet the legal coverage requirements in Massachusetts. The most recent of these settlements has spawned a greater effort by the Attorney General to solve the issue. Martha Coakley, the Attorney General, has taken inspiration from the health insurance settlements over mental illness coverage, and has now issued a…

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Health insurance trends among employers defining themselves across the country

health insurance companies profits

Though the overall direction seems to be a decline, this is not so in Massachusetts. The results of a newly released report on health insurance sponsored by employers from one state to the next, has revealed some interesting trends occurring across the country as well as in some specific states. The data has indicated a change in direction for much of the country, though not in some states. The State Health Access Data Assistance Center’s study, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed that while employer sponsored…

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Safety-net healthcare used regardless of reform in Massachusetts

A recent study has shown that the new healthcare reforms in Massachusetts have failed to decrease the pressure on providers for those in the lowest income brackets. Between the years of 2005 and 2009, the number of visits to community health centers rose by 31 percent, and public and charity hospitals also experienced a notable increase in their number of patients. Leader of the study, Leighton Ku, who is the head of the George Washington University Center for Health Policy Research, said that there are a number of things that…

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