Ridesharing insurance back in Ontario, Canada’s spotlight

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Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Tim Hudak has called for a focus on coverage for services like Uber. Tim Hudak, the MPP from Niagara West-Glanbrook, has now called on Charles Sousa, the Ontario Finance Minister, in the hopes of driving efforts forward to create a ridesharing insurance situation that will be “affordable” and “comprehensive” within the Canadian province. At the moment, services such as Uber, have been causing considerable coverage struggles in Ontario. In this effort Hudak has created a private member’s bill called the Opportunity in Sharing Economy Act.…

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Allstate insurance roadside assistance selected for Lyft drivers

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The insurer’s services have now been chosen to assist drivers from this large rideshare program. Rideshare company, Lyft, has now selected the roadside assistance program from Allstate Insurance to help to provide its drivers with protection, as an additional feature for motorists who will be using their cars to transport customers from point A to point B. Drivers will now be receiving Allstate Roadside Services (ARS), as a part of its advantages for working with Lyft. Allstate Insurance offers one of the leading programs for roadside assistance through its ARS…

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Auto insurance silence remains commonplace among rideshare drivers

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Many participants in these programs are confused about the rules and are uncertain as to what to tell insurers. Despite the fact that the regulations with regards to the auto insurance coverage required by the drivers for rideshare programs such as Lyft and Uber have improved throughout 2014, and many cities have legalized the mobile app based transportation service, Forbes recently reported that many drivers are perplexed by the mixed messages that they have received and continue to opt for silence when it comes to informing their insurers. This is…

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Auto insurance hybrid coverage coming soon to Uber and Lyft

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Drivers for ride sharing services will soon be able to buy an amendment to their current policies. Ride share service drivers from companies such as Uber and Lyft will soon be able to buy an amendment to their auto insurance coverage that will provide them with protection from the moment that they sign on and are waiting for a call to pick up a rider, which is a new California law requirement. This has allowed for the creation of a type of hybrid personal commercial insurance policy for those drivers.…

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Auto insurance at Lyft to be put to the test following tragic accident

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A fatal crash in California will be the first to reveal the way in which the $1 million policy provides coverage. The ride share company, Lyft, which was first founded in 2012 and that has moved into 20 cities has been facing some controversy with regards to the auto insurance coverage that protects the company, its drivers, and their customers, and now it will be put to the test. Near Sacramento, California, there was a fatal accident on Halloween involving a Lyft driver. This represents the first time that the…

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Lyft’s auto insurance policy falls under more scrutiny

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Fatal accident puts more focus on ride share insurance coverage A fatal car accident in California may put ride share company Lyft’s auto insurance to the test. The company has been under heavy scrutiny recently regarding its insurance coverage. Some lawmakers have questioned whether Lyft’s coverage was adequate enough to cover accidents and any damage that would be caused by such events. Some had introduced new legislation that would hold ride share companies to higher insurance standards, and these companies had been heavily resistant to such legislative efforts in the…

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Auto insurance bill for ridesharing companies signed in California


This new legislation is designed to close the coverage gaps for drivers in this type of program. Governor Jerry Brown has now signed a controversial bill that is meant to provide a compromise and close the auto insurance gaps while at the same time calling for increased oversight of the rapidly growing industry of ridesharing companies and programs in California. Uber, the largest rideshare company in the industry, simultaneously announced plans for large scale hiring. The announcement made by Uber stated that the hiring would place a focus on bringing…

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