Long term care insurance opportunities help to offer greater savings

Long term care insurance planning

The option for guaranteed purchase helps to keep costs down, but it is important to watch for varying provisions. The latest new options in long term care insurance are now providing people in their fifties and sixties with the opportunity to lower the expense associated with their coverage by hundreds of dollars every year. This may help people to be able to buy the coverage they need at a price that can fit within their budgets. Jesse Slome, the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) director “The Guaranteed…

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Long term care insurance costs are higher for women

Long Term Care Insurance

Female policyholders typically generate higher expenses, meaning premiums could rise. A long term care insurance policy has never been an inexpensive product, but as data continues to show that women bring in much greater expenses on their plans, it could mean that premiums are about to change. This could mean that the coverage may become much more costly for female consumers. Until now, long term care insurance companies have been charging the same premiums to their clients, regardless of their gender. These plans help policyholders to pay for the cost…

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