Long-term care insurance premiums are rising as benefits are reduced

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Approximately 70 percent of Americans will require LTC of some form in their lifetimes. Purchasing long-term care insurance is a daunting task for many Americans, who are finding policies increasingly difficult to afford, while they watch the benefits shrinking despite the rising cost. Many Americans find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when trying to find affordable policies. This particular issue isn’t quite new to the long-term care insurance industry. Prices have been rising for several years while insurers cut back on what the provide in their policies. The reason is primarily…

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Long term care insurance applications of boomers rejected

Long Term Care Insurance

Applicants for the coverage are experiencing a notable downtrend in their acceptance by insurers. The industry has noted a striking trend in the long term care insurance sector, in which applicants for the coverage – particularly in the baby boomer age group – have not been able to purchase the policies because they have been rejected by their insurers. These consumers are being told that LTC coverage is important to their future planning but cannot buy it. According to the data that has just been released by LTC Tree, insurers…

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Long term care insurance customers prefer home care

long term care insurance trends

Research has shown that this is the preferred way to use the benefits when it is possible. When it comes to the buyers and users of long term care insurance policies, studies are showing that the benefits are primarily being used for home care as opposed to residence in a nursing home or other form of assisted living facility. It is the type of coverage that people don’t like to think about and that they hesitate to buy. However, among those who do buy it, certain trends are being identified…

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